Do these days look ok for Nov?

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Hello everyone! I am making our ADRs this Thursday and wanted to throw this out here and get some opinions! I know that with SWGE opening it is going to make the planning for this a little more difficult at 6 months out than it usually would. I think that is what is throwing me for the whole week!! So, any changes or better planning ideas would be appreciated~ we have gone for years but I think I am overthinking this whole Hollywood thing!! LOL Myself, Husband, son (20) daughter (16)

Tues. Nov 12~ Arrive at WL~ MK for the evening or a resort for dinner depending on flight times

Wed. Nov 13~ AK with FP for Flight of Passage, Kil Safari, Expedition Everest. Those are our top 3 and maybe Dinosaour if time isn't crazy..EPCOT for afternoon/evening and dinner

Th Nov 14~ MK full day

Fri Nov 15~ Hollywood : FP for Slinky Dog, RnR, ToT, and do TSMM first thing. ***Fantasmic!** it worth doing the dining package for this? I haven't been to this in several years and heard that if you do the dining package, you get wet in that viewing area... Is that even true?

Sat Nov 16~ Keys to the Kingdom tour...either do dinner here or go to EPCOT for evening and dinner

Sun Nov 17~ MK full day

Monday Nov 18 EPCOT day

Tues Nov 19~ MK morning and leave for airport

The only other thing that may change would be taking out AK this trip (our family likes this park the least of the 4 )and making Wed be Hollywood day~ Then Friday would be Keys to the Kingdom and Sat a rest day.
Thoughts appreciated!!!


Some initial thoughts:

Nov 12 - MK will close at 6pm for MVMCP on Nov 12, 14, 15 and 17 during your trip. That makes these great days to be in MK (low waits), but your evening at MK on the 12th won't work unless you're buying party tickets.

Nov 13 - FOP may be hard to get at 61 days for the morning. You'd have a better shot for evening or days 62+.

Nov 14 - MK is great on party days, but it will close at 6:00 for non-party guests so that's a consideration if you were hoping to stay for evening entertainment.

Nov 15 & 16 - I see no scheduling issues. The 16th looks like your one chance (unless you do MK the evening of the 13th) to see Happily Ever After at MK if that's important to you.

Nov 17 - same as 12 and 14.

18 & 19 - I see no issues and MK the morning of the 19 should again be good because it's a party night.


What about something like this:

Tue 12th - arrival, resort dinner or EPCOT dinner
Wednesday - MK full day taking advantage of the opportunity to see HEA this night which should be a little less crazy than Saturday night
Thur - AK then EPCOT
Fri - Studios
Saturday - KTTK
Sun - MK, dinner at resort or EPCOT or AK
Mon - EPCOT day
Tue 19th - MK followed by departure

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Thank BSS!! I agree that Wednesday is the best day to see the HEA at MK~ that was the only other thing that we are toying with... and I am still on the fence about the AK park this trip at all. Family conference tonight or tomorrow to make sure! Thanks for the input and suggestions!