Do you book FP+ for non-riders?


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Family of 4 and DW does not ride thrill rides or motion simulators. It has been a few year since I planned a trip and I don't remember what I did with her FP+. If I want to book a for RnR, should I book her one too that just goes unused, this way keeping us all in sync for 4th and beyond FP+? Then just let hers expire? I know that won't work so great if she isn't riding the 3rd one with us and we ride it at the beginning of the window. Do we just take her band and scan it even if she isn't going? Does she have to walk the line with us and then just not ride?


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She could tap in with you all at the first tap point, but she won't have to walk the queue.


I do not ride a few rides that DS rides (RnR and Star Tours primarily). I have booked for both of us and tapped in then left the queue at Star Tours. I often just book an earlier throwaway for me for something with plenty of availability (ie Little Mermaid) then I can still book a 4th for both of us right after he taps in, but I'm not using up a FP+ spot at a popular ride I have no intention of getting on (I'm not sure how much this matters, but it makes me feel a little better). Either way works out just fine and a lot of it varies by the time of day we are using the FP.


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My DWw also does not ride many of the rides my daughters and I do. I routinely get the same FP+ for all 4 of us. I might do differently if my wife had other rides she really wanted instead but she does not. On occasion we use the extra as a bonus extra for one of our girls. Other times I'll sit it out with my wife and let both girls ride twice. Usually we just tap in my wife's band because it makes it easier to get a 4th when everyone in the party used all 3 originals (we learned this the hard way way back) which often enough might be something DW does ride.


There are a lot of rides I can't ride with the kids, but I also get the FP+ for myself to keep us all in sync. Either one of the kids will use it to ride a second time, or I use it and walk through the line with them so I'm not spending my time waiting at the ride exit. Or I just tap in if I'm not going to walk through with them.


DH doesn't like TOT. We still book a FP+ for him. DD and I go on then she goes on again with her dad's magic band while we wait outside.


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On our last trip, I booked a few FP on rides I could do with my daughter while hubs did TOT, FOP, etc. Always tried to arrange them around the same time so we could part ways and meet up and not miss out on fun while waiting for him to ride.


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We also normally just did everyone together even if there was going to be a non-rider... and made sure they tapped on the 3rd for sure to be able to setup a 4th. A few times we did split them up, but often more work than it was worth in the end... though at one time we did use that to get 2x Tier 1s and then rider swap to get the other adult on. But... now even our youngest is 48" and loves all the rides, so no more of that trick.