Does anyone have first hand experience with the DAS card?


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It doesn't seem to be easy to find a lot of info about the process of getting the card except you go to guest services they ask some sort of questions and if you're approved they take your picture and give you the card. Can someone tell me what the process is really like? I'm a little worried about being denied even though I feel like I should be covered (I'm a cancer patient)


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They're not going to ask you what your health issues are - they are not allowed. They will ask you why you need a card and you have to answer that you cannot stand up for more than 15 minutes at a time or something like that - they need to know what it is you cannot do along with the masses in order to give you a card.

I'm sorry you have cancer :( my father just started his treatment Thursday - 5FU - for 6 months. Stage 3 Colon Cancer.

I hope you're doing okay and I'm glad you're still going on your trip to the World!


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I get one for my daughter who has weird social phobias, anxiety, and panic attacks. She gets very anxious in closed areas where there are a lot of people, loud noises, and no way for her to easily get out.

All I had to do was go into guest services and tell them I needed DAC for my daughter.

She had to be with me which was slightly problematic since guest services is exactly like her problem areas. I tend to have her wait outside or in a quiet corner until it's my turn.

I don't remember what they ask, but I explained to them her problem and they didn't hesitate to give us the pass.

They will ask how many are in your traveling party(it's only suppose to be good for up to six people but they made our's good for seven with managers approval) and when your last day in the parks will be. They will also take a photo of the person needing the pass. This photo will be on the card they give you.

You take the card to the ride/experience FP entrance. The CM will let you enter if the wait is 10 mins or they will fill out your card to come back for the amount of time the current wait time is minus 10 mins. So, for example, if it's a 45 min wait, your access card time would be in 35 mins. At that point, you would enter the FP line and show the CM your card.

For my daughter there were a few places this would not work(HM elevator gets very crowded), so I explained to the CM and they let us in through a back door, bypassing the area she could not handle.

I found the CMs to be very accommodating to her needs. Any time it was a situation/area she couldn't handle, they would try to find ways around it.

The key is explaining exactly what you need and why. Everyone is different and they can only help if they know what the problem is.


Sorry if this turned into a long post, I tend to get carried away. The first part is about getting the DAS, the end is about using the DAS.

We've had success going thru the process for the new DAS card, on two trips - this past Easter week and last August. My experience is for my middle son who is ASD w/ ADHD, but DAS is intended for anyone that needs accommodation because of a disability.

The best advise I've heard is: explain your limitations and the help that you need, be firm about needing help, but be nice to the CM (and don't be afraid to show you're nervous -- who isn't at least a little bit uncomfortable talking to a stranger about their or their kid's disabilities).

I noticed a great description for the steps you have to go thru at:

For us, I took middle son with me to Guest Services at Animal Kingdom. Being return users of the DAS, I gave the CM our old DAS card and explained that he has issues with waiting in lines because of his ASD (his "stims" include hand flapping, moving around, humming, and not noticing/realizing personal space and bumping into other people - and then melt-downs when people notice his stims). Just explain your personal limitations to waiting in a long queue or other accommodation you need -- endurance issue, etc.

Then the CM asked the dates of our trip and how many in our party. We had 6 of our group with us that day, but I mentioned that our total group was 13. They typically limit the DAS to 6 people, but the CM said that if everyone in the party came to guest relations together, that they would increase the number allowed on the DAS. Next was a picture of my son, as the pass holder his picture is on the card. After printing the card, they walked me thru the instructions for getting a ride time, and we were on our way.

A couple days later we had the entire group of 13 going to Epcot together. Wondering if they would change the number of people on the card, I dragged the whole group to guest relations. There I told the CM that greeted us, what the CM at Animal Kingdom had said about changing the limit on the DAS. To my surprise, she counted us up and took my son's DAS card. Two minutes later she was back with a new card and a limit of 13 people. We used the DAS for Soaring, and Living with the Land and didn't even get a sideways glance from the CM when all 13 of us came back at our time for the ride.

BUT the system has changed --

I don't know if anybody has had any experience with the new digital/electronic DAS "card", that apparently started on April 30th. This does change up the process somewhat. The biggest changes in getting set-up are: a) The "card" is now linked the the DAS pass-holder's Magic Band or Ticket. b) Everyone in the group, even if it's less than 6, needs to be at Guest Relations when you sign-up for the DAS.

From the link above:
"2. Requirement: The person who needs the DAS must be present when you are at Guest Relations, along with their Magic Band (or park ticket if they do not have a Magic Band). In addition, all persons who will be accompanying the person using the DAS will also need to be present at Guest Relations along with their Magic Band (or park ticket)."

In the old system, the you would show the CM the DAS card, and they were verify that the pass-holder pictured was with the group, and then count the number in your group before letting you through.

With the new all digital system, it looks like the pass-holder goes through first, the CM verifies that they are the one pictured, and then the rest of the group goes thru with their linked magic bands.

The only down sides I can see to the digital at this point are:
1) Making sure that you note the return time. It's supposed to be in the MDE app, I'm curious to see how it looks, vs the FP+'s.
2) Making sure that the system doesn't use a FP+ instead of the DAS reservation. I see two situations where this could be an issue:
a) If you want to ride back-to-back with a FP+ and the DAS. My son loves Splash Mt & the Kali Rapids, so I've gotten a FP+ and a DAS for overlapping times. In this case, we want to us the FP+ first, and then use the DAS return time because it doesn't have an end to the time window.
b) If you have a cancelled ride (Splash Mt or Test Track are down again), and you get a "ride at any of these rides by the end of the day" FP+'s. In this case you don't want the system to use the "any ride" FP+ first. You would want to us the DAS return time first, and then either use the "any ride" at a different ride, or to return to the same ride when you're ready.



May be computer illiterate, but I figured out how
Thanks everyone, I just still worry that my "reasons" won't be good enough :-/

I will not pretend to know what it's like to have cancer but my guess is you will be fine. Disney is VERY accommodating to whatever your needs may be. Let them know your limitations or what you think you won't be able to do. You will not get denied.