Does the book include?



Monthly calendars? Or another way that I can pick days for my upcoming Nov-Dec 2017? I'm trying to use the 2016 calendars and need more up to date information.
The book (and Dave's website both include a 2017 calendar ranking each week of the year. The book also includes an entire chapter on "When to Go", considering crowds, prices and weather, as well as a month by month breakdown with a recommended "best time to visit" for each month. I have found it to be very helpful (and accurate).
Are you looking for the calendars that show recommended parks for each day? If so, those won't be in the book - they'll only be on the website here. And they won't show up until a month or two in advance, for a number of reasons related to how Disney treats its calendaring/staffing now (Josh explained it all in a post somewhere that I can't find right now, talking about discontinuing the monthly calendars--he has since resumed generating them).