"don't tell policy on Soarin"


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I was reading the comments in one of Josh's blogs, and Mike Dietrich commented that he was able to use the "don't tell" policy on Soarin' to ride back to back with out leaving the ride. He was hoping that again in July. I fon't know what he is referring to. Anybody know?

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There is something very ironic about discussing a "don't tell" policy. :RpS_biggrin:

So is there some sort of Fight Club thing going on at Soarin'??


You think he's referring to the unadvertised hour that the Land pavilion used to be open for? I think Disney has started putting that it's open on the times guide.


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He was definitely referring to Soarin, and it sounded as if it was something he learned here.


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Yeah, 99% sure it was a reference to the short-lived policy of leaving The Land open an extra hour but instructing CMs not to tell guests about it. Even if asked directly how late it was open.