easy Guide July Update

Our July update to The easy Guide is out!

It's mighty fine.

I've emailed the first hundred or so folks on our list about how to get their copy of the update--ours is the only WDW guidebook that provides free updates. At the pace I'm going (and given pesky interference from the day job) the rest of the emails should be out in a day or two.

If you bought the 2017 edition but have not yet signed up for updates, see the instructions in the image!

eg update.jpg
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Any chance this update included an updated "picking the best days" section found here: http://www.easywdw.com/easy/uncategorized/easy-guide/#best days

Wondering if I should purchase the 2017 version for planning a late jan/early feb trip or wait for 2018 version?

ETA: Actually, I did purchased the 2017 version from Amazon. Hahaha I had forgotten. If I follow the instructions above to email my receipt will I still get the update or is it too late?


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When is your new 2018 issue coming out? the 2017 issue was released August 4 of 2016... I want to buy it!!! ;)