EEMH Lyft?


We’ve become lazy about getting to the bus stop last several trips. We also tend to travel during Christmas/New Years or spring break so it “feels” easier to grab a Lyft to AK and HS. Having never been awake and needing a ride at 5am, idk what to expect in terms of timing and availability. I don’t want to assume it’s as easy/quick at 5a as it is at 7:30a. Any experience this time of day greatly appreciated. Traveling with another family and feeling a little responsible for making it to Smuggler’s Run this week!


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You can check yourself in the lyft or uber app to see what availability looks like from your resort at that time of day. Just change the departing location to wherever you'll be staying (it defaults to your current location).


With DHS opening at 6am every day, I think there will be plenty of availability at 5. We ordered a Lyft at 5:45am once at Disney and it arrived in about 3 minutes.


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Is the ride share drop-off location close to the HS entrance? We are going to HS on the back end of NYE week and are expecting a 6-6:30am arrival.


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Yes, it's virtually as close as you can get to the entrance, basically even with the Skyliner entrance.