Email Notifications Broken (Microsoft)


Staff member
I haven't gotten any email notifications from this forum for the last few months. At first I thought I had just swiped away the email too quickly without reading... but today I looked a little closer, and I think there is really something broken here.

It appears there is something happening with emails to getting blocked (and likely other Microsoft domains like,, etc). I tried setting linking a few different addresses to easywdw forums, and I never even receive the verification email for any of them.

Then, I tried switching to a different email address (a one) and I got the verification email within a few seconds, and it appears to be working correctly.

Based on something similar happening in a different forum that I use... my guess is there is not much Josh can even do about it... but you never know. If nothing else, be aware that if you use a Microsoft-based email address, you may be having the same issue, and may want to consider switching to something else.