Epcot 2 day do-over


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You . Guys. :help: I thought I was all done. I really wanted to be done because I have a paper I should be writing but can't focus. Long story long, Frozen FP+ had us changing our itinerary a little, but maybe for the better in terms of overall vacation pacing #iaintmad. However, this has us doing some sleeping in and evening touring, I am unsure about timing and would appreciate feedback. Also, it wasn't until trying to modify FP+ that I noticed that Mission:SPACE height requirement is 44" (not the more standard 40"). DD6s are currently 42.5" tall. They were 39" our last visit and lost their sh*t when unable to ride Star Tours so I'm trying to figure out how to split up our party so that they don't even miss M:S.

8/22 CL 5 highly recommended:
TT FP+ 10
Akershus 10:55-12:30
Sommerhus meet
Agent P's China mission
WS thru to wherever the boats back to FW are (Germany?)
Mission:SPACE FP+ 1:30 (Take the littles to... Ellen? wouldn't mind giving our bands to DH, DD8 & DD9 to use and ride M:S twice)
Spaceship Earth FP+ 2:30

8/26 CL 5 most recommended
sleep in, go in to park after lunch at condo. 1-2pm?
No idea where to go from here. Want to see Joy/Sadness, have FP+ for Frozen Ever After @ 5:45. Illuminations is whatever. Would like to see Belle and go shopping in Japan but again, not sure how to manage our time. Will snack instead of dinner. We have another day to sleep in the next morning so can stay through park close. If we can do Soarin' or TT in the evening on standby, that might help our plans on day 1.


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M:S has a really wonderful exit area for your littles to hang out in. There's a play area with tunnels/slides/etc. There are computers with some fun activities. There's a giant video game you can play with other people. My youngest loved it when he was too short. In fact, it's hard to get my kids out of there.


I think your kids would be more pissed if you took them to Ellen than if you told them they couldn't go on M:S.


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I think your kids would be more pissed if you took them to Ellen than if you told them they couldn't go on M:S.

Hahahahaha!!! Okey dokey then. I remember them playong at the end of TT in the cars but then my in-laws took them to meet Alice or something while we rode M:S last time.

Ok, I think I will keep day 1 close to what we originally planned:


M:S x2
Gran Fiesta Tour
Akershus breakfast 10:55-12:30
WS to Germany return to FW by boat
Soarin' FP+ 2pm
Visa meet

Spaceship Earth FP+ 3pm

This leaves day 2 with:

Living with the Land
Pixar film fest
FEA FP+ 5:45
WS UK-America

Could use some help with the order of day 2 and FP+ times- I assume I'd need FP+ for Nemo? If we get there at 1:30 and to straight to WS, could we end with FEA at the beginning of our FP+ window and have time to do FW stuff?
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