Epcot 2 day plan, 11/24


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Second and final day at Epcot; me, hubbs, and kids 11, 6, and 3. Staying at SSR. No one else has ever seen Illuminations, so we'll forgo a third ride on Soarin' to snag the FP for it instead.

11/24, crowd level 9 (ouch!), most recommended park. Trying to leave by 2 with a 5:30 return. 11:55 ADR at Akershus (first lunch seating).

S:E w/ FP (return time 10-11)
Innoventions stuff; possibly Club Cool again (kids love that place)

11 Mexico
11:55 Akershus
Maelstrom w/ FP (1-2 return time)

Return 5:30 via IG, hit Morocco, Japan, Italy, and Germany. I believe the Illuminations FP area is the Gardens Theater, is that right? I have us skipping America, as it holds the least interest for us, unless we finish everywhere else and have time to kill (doubtful). Exit via IG after Illuminations.

Any input/timing recommendations? TIA!


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You're driving and parking at the Beach Club or something?

IllumiNations FP+ viewing is actually across the water from the United States Pavilion.

Around number 21/Showcase Plaza on the map: http://www.wdwinfo.com/maps/epcot-map.jpg
Not sure why I thought it was right there at US pavilion...to avoid the march all the way around, I was thinking we would park at BC or even HS, since the kids are less likely to complain if we're heading to a boat. Since we'll be all the way across the lake now, we may as well stick with the front entrance. Thanks for pointing that out, I would not have been a happy camper to figure that out 45 minutes prior to showtime :/