Epcot Forever Dining Package


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Was just looking for the possibility on our Epcot day, January 11.

Rose & Crown for 2:

I think it's been a while since I looked at doing this, but I definitely feel like this is way out of my comfort zone for a meal at Epcot. :(


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All these pre-show dining packages are seriously overpriced, but you’re paying to save time lining up/waiting for the show. We did a dining package once for Fantasmic, and one was enough.


What I hate the most about these Dining Packages is that it makes it harder to get a regular reservation. We use TIW and you cannot use it with a package.


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The price is high but it includes tax and tip, so I crunched the numbers (even with the limited menu choices) and with 2-3 drinks it breaks even.