Epcot no reservations available 9/17

Any idea why there are no reservations available for this Friday at Epcot, except for pass holders. I am wondering if I should change to Saturday. Is it a special event or something. Why would just Friday be unavailable? We are only down for a short trip. 2 park days...I got planned MK on thurs and Epcot on fri...Should I move Epcot to Sat or MK to Sat and Epcot to Thurs????


he's right
It's Food & Wine. Epcot is busy during F&W weekends.

If you already have a reservation for Friday, I don't see a reason to change. Saturday will get busy too. Friday is probably better, because at least some of the attendees (locals) will have to work during the day. Saturday everyone will be able to spend the whole day getting their drank on.
It just struck me as weird that the reservations were full for just Epcot only Friday...didnt happen last week...Just seems odd