Epcot RD Sat Dec 14


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My daughter and I booked a trip to the World to enjoy the Christmas celebrations. My son just found out he'll be able to join us as well so I'm trying to modify my existing plans to accommodate him as well. Both kids are in their early 20s. We already have a FP for Frozen that I was able to add my son on so I'm trying to figure out what to do for RD. It seems that half the time I try to RD TT, the ride is down. I also hate the new make your own car queue. So I was thinking of doing Soarin at RD, then LwtL, then TT single rider and M:S. Thoughts? Is it better to start with TT?


I have had similar experience with TT. It seems it is down often so this past trip I didnt schedule it in. I figured if it was running we would do single rider or end of the night. We managed to get on it just prior to close and my son had a blast. FYI ... we also did Soarin' at rope drop. We had no problems reaching the pavillion from Int'l Gateway as we used the Skyliner. Good luck.

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I think you've got a good plan. Since you are OK doing Test Track single rider, I think it makes sense to do Soarin' first.