Erin McKenna Disney Springs Gluten Free Dairy Free Desserts

Well, it's not the cupcakes that draw me in, but the dairy free ice cream and gluten free banana chocolate chip bread! I haven't tried the whoopie pie, but it looks yummy!!! (8).jpg
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Oops, I fixed it, but I really liked the ice cream! I have tried so many dairy free ice creams and this was in my top list for sure. Great texture and flavor. The way they served was messy, as you'll see in link, but that's ok. I just held it away from my dress! LOL They do shakes and have toppings that are dairy free. I have another ice cream review from there coming when I get to it (soon) :)


Thanks, I’m going to check that out now that I’ve really become much more lactose intolerant. I was never a huge ice cream person anyway, but now that I know I can’t have it, I really want it!
Vicki, let me know if you like it, too! I have been eating dairy free for so long, I probably would not like regular ice cream, so my opinion may not match up with someone who ate fresh real ice cream! LOL