Evening EMH at MK


We'll be at MK on Wednesday, Nov 27th, which has EMH from 10:00pm to 12:00am. We've never done EMH before... is it worth it? What are the lines like?
We did EMH at MK in early August, and the crowds in the first hour were fairly "normal" evening crowds. For example, we waited about 20 mins for Big Thunder. Once it got to about 10:45 or so, though, things REALLY thinned out. We entered Pirates about 10:45, and by the time we exited there were only about 15 people in sight in Adventureland. We left after that, but per the app wait times were 10-15 minutes at the highest, with the exception of 7DMT.

All that being said...you're there the day before Thanksgiving. I have no clue if the normal experience applies. I would guess it's a resounding NO. Either way, though, I'm sure the crowds will be lighter during the EMH than earlier in the evening, or around closing any other non-EMH evening. If your party is able to stay up late, I say go for it. It's a neat experience, and it doesn't cost you anything extra. Depending on your plans and your group, though, you might want to plan a later start the next day.


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We did an evening EMH at MK during Thanksgiving last year, and I wouldn’t do it again. Line for 7DMT was long the whole time. 20-30 for BTMRR and Space. However, if you want to ride Buzz all night, you’re in business.
All 4 parks will be packed 11/27 so I'd say go for it IF you have the stamina to stay out late. We've been too exhausted that last hour to change lands and take full advantage.

Nite EMH can be worth it to pad in extra hours at MK, even during a busy week.
We're doing nite EMH at MK Day 1 of 5. Starting off in AK with 6p closing and then hop to MK EMH to see fireworks & do medium rides. We'll return Day 3 for MK 9a-6p party day w/ 3 FPs. Between the 2 visits we hope to cover most of the park.

Late nights mean tired mornings. We're RD'g HS on Day 2, planning a 4hr break and returning for Fantasmic & FWs.
However, if you want to ride Buzz all night, you’re in business.
That's funny. And true! That was us during 11p-1a EMH. We did Space Mtn, Astro, and then like 4 Buzz rides because no line and we just couldn't muster the energy to hit another land. Mind you this was our last day, so we had a severe energy deficit.