Existential angst as a WDW fan?


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Booked BRV. Conflicted, but maybe for not great reasons. More fodder for my therapist.
The RetroWDW podcast episodes on the Fort Wilderness Railroad and River Country (two different episodes) spend some time talking about "ruins" that are still visible. Besides the obviously abandoned railroad tracks, and the water slides, it is possible to get a glimpse of Roy's Cabin and several of the structures on Discovery Island, but for those, you will need to rent a canoe. And if you get adventurous and try to get a better look beyond what is immediately accessible to guests, you will have even more fodder for your session.

Although the idea of paying $13.00 an hour to rent a canoe makes the inner Kentuckian in me convulse.


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Although the idea of paying $13.00 an hour to rent a canoe makes the inner Kentuckian in me convulse.
The idea of $13 an hour for anything makes this Chicagoan think that whatever it is, it's a deal.


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I chickened out from the no photos or internet, chill around with bath robes and do nothing break. I just don't think I am that type of person! We just stayed at nice hotel in the west of Ireland with great food & walks instead. I didn't get post Disney blues this time and we still don't have any interest in coming back right now. It feels bit strange as over the past 5 years I was so into WDW. I keep thinking the urge to book will hit me but it have not. I still really want to go for a week or two in San Diego but next year there will be no big trip for us next year. We need to focus on my sons transition to secondary school and potentially move house so no cash for the mouse

Enjoy your holiday bnoble


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Had a conference in Carlsbad, and took an afternoon off to go up to Knott's to get one more Cedar Fair park in before the end of the season. I had two goals: ride the new-this-year HangTime, and the new-to-me Coast Rider. Coast Rider was "meh". I'm usually a fan of wild mice, but this one for some reason didn't do anything for me. HangTime, on the other hand, was a blast. Got a front-row ride, which I'm not sure I would have waited a long time for, as the ride in the third row was still awesome.

But, the real gem of the visit was GhostRider. I first rode it within a few years of its opening, and it was awesome. Smooth, forceful, and non-stop. However, like many other large woodies it did not age well, and was a painful shell of its former self the last time I had been on it maybe 3-4 years ago. In the meantime, they contracted with GCI to renovate the ride: re-profiled the drop, cleaned up the track, and added Millennium Flyer trains. This thing is back to its original glory, and might be even better. Awesome ride!

Double bonus: got a Dodge Challenger 2-door from the Executive Aisle at National. That made driving up and down the S. California coast that much more fun...


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I’m over here so green with envy that most of you get to go so often. We only go for a week every 2-3 years. We go so seldom that crowds don’t bother me, I’m just excited to be there with my family. My DH loves ocean trips so we go on those often. I have family in (northern) CA so we go there every so often. I wish I could trade places with some of you, I’m not being sarcastic, I’m serious, let’s trade places. Anyone want to trade places with a housewife in upstate NY?