FastPass+: Beginning to End or End to Beginning (aka Tell Me What To Do!)


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The time has finally come to book our FastPass+ tonight. TONIGHT!!!! :RpS_ohmy:

My thought is/was to pick the hard to get FastPasses for the whole week and get those scheduled first. Then I wondered if I could do that. Can I get Mine Train only and then move on to another day and get Midway Mania? Am I required to book the 3 FastPasses at once per park?

Also...(because there is always an "also")...Do I book from start to end of trip or from end to start of trip? I know that everyone's opinion differ on the best way to do that. However, I need to be told what to do at this point because I'm panicking myself!


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You have to book 3 per day, but you can go back and adjust after you secure the important ones. I work end to beginning for ones such as Anna and Elsa, and any evening entertainment, and then go back and fix the rest.


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you MUST book 3 at a time. so Book 7DMT and two others that you don't care about if that's what you want to do - and then go back later and amend the other two that are easy to change. you cannot book 7DMT only and then go back and add two more days without calling tech support and once you involve them - you have to use them for any changes going forward.

Even if you don't want three - book three and just don't use them.


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You really shouldn't have trouble getting Mine Train. A&E is the only FP I've noticed lately that really is a "60 days out at midnight" priority. In any event, there will be more of a chance that it is available on dates later in your trip because less people have been able to book FPs for those days already.

When you book, choose 3 for the day. To go faster, pick your priority and any two others then you can go back and modify them.


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We booked beginning to end and we started late (about 12:15) and didn't know what we were doing at first and kept making mistakes. We pretty much go everything we wanted and a slight few within a 15 minute offset window.