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Forgive me if this has been covered, I saw some threads that sort of mention this but not exact.

Trying to understand how it can be worked out, I believe you must schedule all three FP at one park in advance. correct.
So if I wanted to start my day in HS.. and book a throw away from 9-10, then use my tier 1 at 10, and then cancel my tier 2 at 11..

Would I then be able to search for a tier 1 at Epcot.

Goal is to ride Slinky Dog with FP at 10, and ignore my family till i refresh a FP for Frozen in the afternoon.

Is this possible. or would i have to use the 11 FP at HS , before I can start checking for Frozen.


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You don't have to schedule all 3 in advance if you don't want.
What you can't do is schedule 3 in advance in 2 different parks
But you can schedule 1 Tier 1 at HS, scan in for it and then immediately schedule a Tier 1 at Epcot, along with a Tier 2 at Epcot. (for example).

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You might have an issue getting that Frozen FP+. Or even moreso, getting that 10AM SDD, only unless you're doing this at the end of a longer stay (and staying at a WDW hotel).


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Great advice AngiTN.. I think that is what I will do ...much appreciated.

J&J , last day of a 8 day trip. when I book next month I am starting here and working backwards.

This board is the best!


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Does depend on how many Frozen FP you are looking for.
We find FEA same day often but I'm never looking for more than 3 and am not always there at peak times.
I'd never suggest hunting for a large party during peak weeks, that's for sure.

I'd definitely be looking as early in the day as possible. Other Epcot FP are easier