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Good evening, im writing to have some feedback concerning what seems be a recurrent issue.
I have an AP, i ve booked 2 separate On-site stays within the same 60 days window, of 6 days each, and MDE doesnt let me book fastpasses for the end of my 2nd trip.

When i called disney guest services, I received different explanations every single time. There s no where on the disney website explaining the maximum number of Days of fastpasses AP staying on-site are allowed to I being punished for booking too many trips to Disney? It doesnt make any sense. Did other people had a successful story with that issue?

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I found the email I sent to WDW...

"We currently have two trips booked—May 7 through May 11, and June 7 through June 10. An issue with the My Disney Experience site is not permitting me to book Fastpasses which would allow me to ride with my daughter, whose Fastpasses I was able to book. "

DW and I went in May, DD and I went in June, and I couldn't book FP's for myself in June because of my May trip. I contacted someone high up the WDW food chain and the issue was fixed within 48 hours.

Advice--don't waste time with calling. Use Google to find the big wigs' contact information.


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I wasted almost 5 hours total of long distance calls from Canada to Disney in the last weeks with absolutely no help. They just throw me around like a ball from one person to the next...its really getting on my nerves. I should be enjoy my next trips and instead im dealing with glitches. How can I reach the right person? Any other advices?


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I agree, email rather than calling. I was even given a hard time by someone on the club level signature services phone line trying to tell me it was "company policy" for APs to get 7 days regardless of onsite stays.

I just had this issue with my parents' APs. For whatever reason when I used "add guest" I could add them to my brother's fast pass. But couldn't book them independently for more than 7 days, even though they had an onsite stay for 9 days. If you have anyone in the group with a regular ticket I might try booking their FP and then add those with AP.

Or if you have an extra ticket you aren't using transfer that to the same person with the AP. Sometimes that unlocks the ability to book more days of FP. Just be careful to either move the ticket to a different profile or stop at guest services before entering to ensure your AP is prioritized for entry so it doesn't take anything off the new ticket.