Favorite transportation to WDW besides ME?


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We are going to WDW January 12-17. We have made reservations for ASM for two rooms, since it turned out we had four women who said yes, but now have already dropped to three. I also have reservations of Shades of Green, when I thought there would be two of us. That means all of this is subject to change- we may get a fourth after all and stay at ASM, but if not three of us will be at SOG.

If we are at SOG, my friend will need transportation (I'll be driving earlier that morning from the west coast of FL with the other friend). I'd rather not pick her up and give up my park time with my other friend- so I was wondering if we stay at SOG what some of the options may be. She's not a smartphone user, and never done Uber, but I could send her the link and get a small discount for us, and I bet I could talk her into it. Otherwise, what have you found to be affordable and reliable?

We could stay at ASM the first night and have her use ME, but it would actually cost quite a bit more than SOG. ASM would be about $112/night plus tax for each room plus parking one car- approximately $250. SOG is $164, plus $10 parking, so $174. Plus, I hate changing resorts. So I'm leaning towards SOG for the entire trip, paying for transportation and magicbands OOP.

I could use any hints or tips on this one- I'm a travel nut and travel often either alone or with a friend, but both of my friends never travel and won't even consider driving in any traffic. The also are not smartphone people so I'm in charge of the MDE for all. I would have no issue with grabbing an Uber upon arrival, but my friend is definitely not that type of person and I"d like to have something set up for her. Thank you so much!

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Before we used ME, we booked a town car. Made us feel like royalty. Too many years ago, though, to recommend a specific company.


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We have booked transportation with both Mears and Happy Limo before. It’s been a while since we have used Mears, but we used Happy Limo last summer from WDW to Universal and from Universal to MCO. My husband wanted something concrete set up, especially for the first leg because we were on a tight schedule to make rope drop at Universal.

They will confirm/communicate via phone and/or text. Might be easier than Uber which requires an app. It’ll cost more though.

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We've used a car service for years. First Sunray until they closed shop, then Murray Hill. For our last trip we used Uber. The only difference was no driver meeting us at the luggage area and helping with our bags. When our kids were young that mattered. Now they can lug their own bags. The $$ savings using Uber/Lyft (no preference, whichever is cheaper) is nice.

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We've had good experiences with Mears doing Universal for rope drop. We wanted to have something booked ahead so we were sure we were there in plenty of time. You can price/book them online & there was a discount for first time users. They can call her to confirm etc if she has a cell.


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If she doesn't have a smartphone, Uber/Lyft are not helpful. She can take a taxi, or you can book her a towncar. The former will be less expensive, the latter much nicer.


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Mears! You can buy ticket in advance and I'm also pretty sure you can buy at the airport. I've only taken them once and minus slow driving have no complaints :)


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Thank you so much! I'll look into all of these. We have plenty of time, and I'll see her in a couple of weeks to discuss with her (we don't live near each other, so we rarely see each other). Again, thanks!