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that's a shame
I need some WDW distraction, so..what are your favorites? Currently open or something from the past

Disney (or Pixar) movie


Park--Magic Kingdom
Attraction--Tower of Terror
Show/parade--Spectromagic parade
Restaurant--Flying Fish
Bar--Barcelona (at Destino)
Disney (or Pixar) movie--Toy Story


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Good idea!

Resort - Polynesian Village
Park - Magic Kingdom
Attraction - Haunted Mansion
Show/parade - Main St. Electrical Parade
Character - Olaf
Restaurant - Artist Point
Bar - California Grill
Disney (or Pixar) movie - Pinocchio


Bear with me but here are 3 generations of answers...
Resort - Polynesian
Park - MK
Ride - Splash Mountain
Attraction - Enchanted Tiki Room/Birds
Show/parade - Electrical Water Pageant & Main Street Electrical Parade
Character - Brer' Rabbit
Restaurant - 'Ohana
Bar - Drinking around the World with my Mom
Disney (or Pixar) movie - Bednobs and Broomsticks

My Mom (74)
Resort - Polynesian
Park - MK
Ride - Soarin'
Attraction - Festival of the Lion King
Show/parade - Electrical Water Pageant
Character - Eeyore
Restaurant - Citricos
Bar - Drinking around the World with my Daughter
Disney (or Pixar) movie - Peter Pan

My 7 year old son
Resort - Polynesian
Park - AK
Ride - 7 Dwarfs & Rock'n Rollercoaster
Attraction - Enchanted Tiki Room/Birds (even has a Tiki Bird Magic Band LOL)
Show/parade - ROL
Character - Forky
Restaurant - Rainforest Forest Cafe & Coral Reef
Bar - N/A
Disney (or Pixar) movie - Toy Story 4

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Resort - Animal Kingdom Lodge
Park - Animal Kingdom
Attraction - Tower of Terror
Show/parade - Illuminations
Character - Mickey
Restaurant - Flying Fish
Bar - Topolino's Terrace Lounge
Disney (or Pixar) movie - Lion King (original)


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Resort -- Wilderness Lodge
Park -- Magic Kingdom
Attraction -- Flight of Passage
Show/parade -- Happily Ever After
Character -- Baymax
Restaurant -- California Grill
Bar -- Nomad Lounge
Disney (or Pixar) movie -- Inside Out


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Resort—where I’ve actually stayed, Pop! Where I like to visit—AKL
Show/parade—old MK opening show
Bar—Tune in lounge
Disney (or Pixar) movie—Peter Pan


Resort - Pop Century
Park - Magic Kingdom
Attraction - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Show/parade - Festival of Fantasy
Character - Rapunzel
Restaurant - For theming/atmosphere, it's Be Our Guest. Favorite meal is breakfast at Garden Grill
Bar - N/A
Disney (or Pixar) movie - Tangled


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Park-Magic Kingdom
Show-Holiday Wishes
Parade-Boo to You
Restaurant-Victoria and Albert's for date night
'Ohana with the kids
Bar-Tiki Terrace at Polynesian
Movie-Beauty and the Beast (original animated)


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Fun idea. . .
As you can see, I have serious issues making decisions.
Resort: tie Wilderness Lodge and Yacht Club
Park: Magic Kingdom
Attraction: Flight of Passage
Show/parade: Can't decide
Character: Minnie
Restaurant: tie 'Ohana and California Grill
Bar: No time for them - gotta get to the rides
Disney (or Pixar) movie: Finding Nemo

Mrs Darling

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The whole family played along! - funny how much we are in agreement on the top contenders (also funny how we each approach the choices - with DH blurting out the first thing that comes to mind, DD13 listing out pros & cons of all the options (that's my girl!) and DD16 full of indecision changing the answer 3 times and me refusing to pick just one. )
Resort- Pop
Park- MK
Attraction- RnRC
Show/parade- Wishes
Character- Peter Pan!
Restaurant- Sanaa
Bar- Oga's (only bar lol)
Disney (or Pixar) movie - Peter Pan

Resort- Fort Wilderness
Park- MK
Attraction- RotR
Show/parade- Wishes
Character- Figment
Restaurant- BoG
Bar- Ogas
Disney (or Pixar) movie - 101 Dalmations

Resort- FQ
Park- MK
Attraction- Pirates
Show/parade- Indy show
Character- Jack Sparrow
Restaurant- BoG
Bar- Oga's
Disney (or Pixar) movie - Up

Resort - FQ (although CSR is close)
Park- MK
Attraction- Pirates (since childhood)
Show/parade- Wishes
Character-Mickey (Jiminy Cricket is a close second)
Restaurant- Tiffins
Bar- Jock Lindsey's
Disney (or Pixar) movie - Princess & the frog


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Resort - Caribbean Beach
Park - Epcot, before they closed everything for construction
Attraction - BTMRR - my whole family loves it, I think that's is partly why
Show/parade - Illuminations (RIP)
Character - Mickey
Restaurant - Whispering Canyon
Bar - don't have one
Disney (or Pixar) movie - Toss up between Toy Story and Cars, the ones my boys loved when they were little. Oldest DS still likes TS, he carried a Buzz backpack (from WDW) his senior year of HS last year and I think he took it to college with him as well.

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that's a shame
I need to add a category--"extra/miscellaneous", e.g. WinterSummerland mini golf, a dessert party, etc.

My extra is watching Coney Island Chris on the boardwalk.


Fun! I’m sure this would change every week depending on my mood and how nostalgic I’m feeling!

Resort - Beach Club
Park - Magic Kingdom
Attraction - Jungle Cruise
Show/parade - Boo to You
Character - Mickey for meet & greets
Restaurant - Biergarten (this one was so hard!!)
Bar - The lounge at Poly for drinks and Top of the World for fireworks
Disney (or Pixar) movie - Beauty & the Beast