FD with AP upgrade- something is wrong


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My friend is in WDW now with her 2 teens. She did an FD package with 4 day hoppers. They are AP holders so she is using the 4 day hoppers toward her AP renewal. She gets to GS in AK and they will only give her $368 credit for the hoppers. She bought the FD package in May of 2018 (its a BB offer) The cost of the hopper should be something like $455. When she questioned them, they told her that there's a "discount" applied to tickets purchased in a package. I have never heard of this. Anyone know if this is true?


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I don't think it should make a difference. They should definitely try a different Guest Services Cast Member in a different park/location. Chances are, if they get the same answer from multiple CMs, that's probably the way it's going to be. Bridging is always a risky proposition in that sometimes it works correctly right away and other times it just doesn't add up and there's seemingly no rhyme or reason. And you're right that the gate price for a 4-day park hopper in May 2018 was $455.

There's a thread on the disboards that breaks down the values and process for upgrades.


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With upgrading tickets bought direct from Disney, you get credit for whatever price you paid Disney for the ticket. Although the package bought is referred to as “Free Dining” the internal accounting (and perhaps fine print) probably says that it is a package and some dollars are allocated for tickets, room and dining. I believe they are in three separate divisions in the company and it is unlikely that dining is going to take a hit by giving away their product every year. The final cost to the guest is equivalent to getting the dining package free since the discount is equal to the cost of the dining package. The allocation of dollars for OP’s friend for tickets was probably $368 per ticket. The allocation for the room was likely something less than rack rate and the remaining amount went toward dining. Of course, as with everything in life, I could be wrong.