Fireworks at MK on 12/25/19?


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I can't find a time for the Fireworks at MK on 12/25/19. Has anyone found them? We are going to HDDR at 4pm. I'm trying to schedule after that at MK.

The deets:
Nine of us going 12/23-12/28, staying at FW.
Last Christmas Holiday Wishes fireworks started 10pm. I'd give it a better than 90% chance to repeat this year at 10pm.

People are hoping WDW will release more hours/schedules this Friday 11-15, or possibly next Fri? Keep an eye out.

It's annoying they wait til the last minute to confirm these things. They're probably having a hard time figuring out what hours they'd like to go with, somewhere between their new tendency to cut back operational hours and expanding for RoR and the holidays. And we need EEMH for RoR Disney, please!