First Cruise - Eastern Caribbean - Celebrity Equinox


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We're taking a cruise for the first time, to the Eastern Caribbean, aboard the Celebrity Equinox. We're a family with two older teenagers. Our itinerary includes a stop at Nassau, where we're thinking of going to Aquaventure at Atlantis. This forum has so many smart helpful posters, and it seems like a lot of you have are experienced with cruises, too.

We'd love to hear any advice or opinions you have. Thanks!


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There are some hotels close to Atlantis that if you book a room there you get passes to Atlantis. I've never done it but I've seen it discussed on many cruising groups on Facebook. It's a lot cheaper from what I understand. You might want to look into it. We did the Atlantis aquarium excursion via DCL which was fun, but you didn't go to the water parks/pools/etc.


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A quick follow-up on Atlantis Aquaventure, if anyone else is considering going:

We booked our tickets through Celebrity during an excursion sale. For the four of us, on the date we were planning to be there, that turned out to be a better deal than booking a single room at the least expensive hotel nearby that included access to Atlantis Aquaventure. So, as always, do the math for yourself.

This turned out to be an even better deal than we initially realized. Our day in Nassau was the one day of our trip where the weather was less than perfect. In light of continuing rains and thunderstorms that afternoon Celebrity issued us a full refund for our Aquaventure tickets. Had we booked a hotel room to get Aquaventure access we would have been out of pocket the entire cost (the uncooperative weather not manifest until beyond the time to cancel without penalty).

In other deal news, we've been receiving an inordinate number of wdw emails and mailers with unique offer codes. I wonder what this says about how well Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is doing.