First Stay at BLT...anything I should know?


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Not sure what to tell you other than enjoy yourself!!

I am biased because that is my home resort but I feel very strongly that BLT is definitely one of Disney's best 3 properties (Poly and BC being the others and I wont get into that argument). You can not beat the convenience to the MK. It is so nice to walk 10 minutes back to your resort after evening entertainment at the MK. Remember if you need to take Disney transportation to another resort you can just walk over to the MK buses and hop on.

The pool slide is nice and fast, the pool itself is decent. The rooms are clean and new.


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We were supposed to stay at BLT but ended up at AKL. BLT didnt have any availablity by time my sister booked. Hope you have a wonderful time. I really wish we were staying there. 10 min walk after MNSSHP sounds amazing! But I'm excited about AKL too :RpS_biggrin:


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The best tip I have for staying at BLT is to remember that you can hop a bus to MK from AK or DHS and be a short walk away from BLT. We found that you'll often see a MK bus pull up at the other parks before you will see a Contemporary/Poly/GF bus.


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Thank you all for your replies! Looking forward to that short walk back from MK. Thanks for the tip about taking buses to MK too :RpS_smile: