Florida resident perks for rooms?


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I've only been to WDW as a non-resident, but am contemplating changing that this late fall to FL resident. I've seen commercials on TV for special Florida resident rates (generally non-park hoppers, from what I can see), but do they have any special room/tickets rates? I can't find any information on the WDW site.


If you are a Florida resident, you can log in to a separate part of the website, where there are sometimes various room or package offers. I’m no longer a flower resident, so I can’t tell you what they’ve done recently. From what I recall, the deals were okay, but nothing spectacular like 50% off or anything.
I'm a Florida resident. I see offers that say up to 35% off for rooms this summer in my Facebook feed. I'm sure they are limited like all other special offers, but they definitely exist.