FP+ and late arrival-Travel Day


Hello all,
Just looking for some opinions. My situation is arriving at MCO 11/01/17 10AM. We have planned for Epcot that day with a 5:40 ADR at Via Napoli. My question is about FP+ options. I was going to try for a FP+ as close to 12 or 1 pm as possible for FEA. Would it be better to schedule some (2) throw away passes for the AM so as soon as I scan at FEA we could try for another tier 1 or to schedule all FP+ for afternoon? Would it be unwise to believe some tier 1 would still be available at that point in time? Thanks for any help or insight.


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My experience with that was back in January (19 to be exact) where I had no problem booking another tier 1 FP at noon for about 3:30. Granted it was pretty empty. Park will be more crowded since food and wine going on as well as there being the wine/dine marathon on Nov. 5. I was back in Disney in March right after the Princess half marathon (I arrived 3/1) and it was SUPER crowded! I mean it was similar to some of my spring break times there around Easter. I still though was able to get some fp's for test track but they were later - like 8:30... Not sure if that helps you but it can be done.



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We were in Disney over Easter weekend and the week after Easter. I was able to get a 4th FP+ for Soarin' on three different days. I probably booked them between 1PM and 2PM. It took a little refreshing but I was able to get a return time at about 6:30 or 7PM. Test track seemed a little more difficult to get but I was more interested in Soarin' so was happy to take that when it came up.
It's likely to be quieter when you're there so my guess is you will be able to get another Tier 1 FP+ but it might be for after your ADR.