FP+ Day on Friday!


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I know this has been asked before and I have seen many conflicting answers, so I am wondering if anyone has recent experience using two devices to book FP+ with only one MDE account. My plan is to do as I have always done and just be waiting to pounce at 7am, but if using two devices will work I might consider waking DS20 to help.


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We just booked our fastpasses on 7/20 and we used two laptops both logged into the same MDE with no problems at all.

Good luck on Friday!!


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I have also read of this working for others. But, I have never taken the time or bothered to do it. As long as you prioritize the order you set things up in, and not just start from Day 1, but instead start with the hardest to get things like FoP or SDD, and then work your way to the easier to get ones.

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I agree with PP. There's no reason whatsoever for 2 people to work on them at the same time.
There are only 2 rides that are remotely difficult to get, FoP and SDD. Get those 2 first, no matter what day they fall on, then go back and get all the rest. You will have zero problems with getting all the others. We arrive in less than 30 days and I can still get every FP for all other rides for all day.


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Thank you for the input all. I am well versed in how to prioritize my selections. I have always managed to get what we want including FOP last October. I guess I'm just nervous since FOP and SDD are both priorities this trip. I am not worried about any other rides at all.


I'm curious to see how you made out, Jen. I was thinking about the same thing but was afraid I would jam things up and not get anything...