FP+ sign-ups: any advantage of web vs. app?

My window starts tomorrow and it has been multiple years so from a technical standpoint my experience is totally outdated. Is either the web site or the app significantly more customer friendly / faster?



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The only advantage comes from what you are more comfortable using. I use the app almost exclusively, so my navigation skills on the website are not that good. There is no advantage that I’m aware of by using one or the other if you are equally adept on both the app and website.


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What I have read is that the website is designed to setup your FP+ in the first place, and the app is designed more around making updates and changes to them. I'm not sure I fully agree with this, but at least it gives you an idea what they were going for.


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When initially planning out our trips i found the website a better option. Making changes via the app wasn't an issue though.

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