FP's for late March trip

Art Vandelay

that's a shame
This is just an FYI post, especially for those who can't do their FP's at the 60 day mark.

DD's senior class trip is at the end of March; they were able to book their FP's on Thursday, which is 48 days from check-in. They have seven in their group, but searched for FP's as groups of 3 and 4. The only FP's that she couldn't get was FoP (no surprise there; they aren't dong SDMT, which was also not available), but had good luck with everything else. The FP's for their two groups, 3 and 4, don't all synch perfectly, but none are more than 10-15 minutes apart, so they have plenty of overlap time to ride as a group of 7.

Epcot: Soarin', SE, M:S
MK: JC, HM, Space
AK: Navi, EE, Nemo show

What did I learn? Other than the super high demand rides, you'll get good FP's. I was surprised by the number of rides and various time slots available.