Free before 3! Our December TR.


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So this was back when ROTR opening was as inconsistent as could be. I really wanted DH to get on, he is the Star Wars fan. He requested an uber to pick him up at 5:30am at POR, and my plan was to get up early and hopefully get to HS by 7am to get a boarding group for myself.

DH was up and out the door early and was ready for his uber. Unfortunately, someone else took his car and he didn’t realize until the map made it look like he was on his ride. How rude and terrible is that?! He canceled the ride mid-way through, hoping it messed up the people who took his car. There was a mom and daughter also waiting for their car who felt bad for DH and let them in their uber to HS that morning. What a cluster.

DD thankfully woke up early, and we were out the door at maybe 6:15am. We walked to the main building because following the bus and times on the app, it looked like it was only stopping there. We had missed at bus at 6:20, but figured the next one would come maybe 6:30 or something. Negative. The next bus didn’t come until 6:50. I was worried we got up early and left the resort for nothing. While at the bus stop, hubs had messaged that the park had opened at 6:32am and he got boarding group 36. Thankfully POR isn’t far, and we were in line at 7:09. At 7:14am I grabbed group 84. I saw online later that they ran out of passes at 7:15 so I just made it by the skin of my teeth.

Waiting at bus stop:

A few line pics:

I got a boarding pass!!!

DH was in line for SDD and as we were going to walk there, DD said she had to go potty. I loved the baby care center at HS because they actually have like low to the ground potties! Perfect for her size.

We met back in Toy Story Land and met Jessie, took some pics and rode Swirling Saucers. DD loved it so much.

We left Toy Story and went to meet Chewbacca and BB8 at Launch Bay. The meet with Chewbacca still does not have a live photographer, so we got shots like this. BB8 had like 3 CMs with him so I don’t get it. Get a live photographer everywhere!

We were getting closer to DH getting called for ROTR, so we started to walk back towards SW:GE. We stopped to meet Minnie and Mickey en route.

We walked around some through SW:GE, but DD was not in a great mood. I think the early wake up had screwed up her. We decided to stop by the ROTR line and ask about rider swap. None of the CMs wanted to answer and kept sending us to other people to speak with. We finally found two plaids who were able to help us out. Since we both had groups, they gave me an anytime FP for HS which included ROTR. I planned to ride it after DH, who was about to be called!

DD was still in a cruddy mood but I knew going to see the Frozen show would help. She didn’t love the dark and was scared during the scene they show the snow monster, but she loved the songs and snow at the end. When we got out of the show, DH messaged that he was off the ride! DD was still not a happy camper, so we decided he would take her to MK for rides she liked, and I would ride ROTR and meet them after.

To let you know how fast the FP line moved- I was still in the outside part of the ROTR queue at 11:23, and have pictures inside of MK at the carrousel at 12:34. I was able to ride, leave HS, take bus to MK, get through security and down main street in an hour. Is this some sort of record? I think so.

ROTR was amazing and worth the early wake up. I won’t post spoilers for anyone who hasn’t been on it yet or watched videos online. It was great.


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DD rode the carrousel and tea cups, and then we grabbed lunch at Cosmic Rays. She danced for a long time and I also got in on the fun because I have no shame.

After lunch, we figured DD may need a nap. We had reservations at Ogas and to build a droid, so I sent DH on his way. It was raining, she was tired, DH wanted to enjoy SW:GE so I was OK with parting ways. The rain let up thankfully, so DD and I had some quality time at the pool at POR. DH built a droid, got drunk at Ogas and bought too much merch. Everyone was happy. We wanted to do dinner at Epcot and hadn’t been on the skyliner yet, so DD and I took the bus back to HS and met DH there. The three of us had a nice ride from HS to EP, where DD of course fell asleep.

DH and I took advantage of the sleeping child so we had a drink and scotch eggs and Rose and Crown. We somehow found a table, and also DD somehow managed to sleep through the noise of the bar. Everyone wins!

When DD woke up, she was cranky and hungry. We grabbed dinner at Tangerine Café, which was thankfully fairly empty so having DD watch Puppy Dog Pals on my phone while we ate and she chilled out didn’t disturb anyone else eating. We grabbed my favorite drink at Epcot and all of WDW, the Grand Marnier Orange Slush, and walked to the bus stop. We realized every night of the trip so far, we had ended our night at Epcot!!



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Our last full day... Epcot!!

I delivered breakfast in bed to everyone, and DD loved having mickey waffle and syrup in bed. She asked if we could do it when we got home and the answer was absolutely no.

We were on the bus by 8:40am and still somehow made RD. Our goal was to go meet Anna and Elsa! We had a FP for FEA but we knew DD wouldn’t like it, so we released it. I hope we made someone else’s day picking it up! We were back in Norway and meeting the princesses by 9:20am. The line was much longer when we left so I’m glad we got to the park so early. I love Anna's new outfit to meet, but I think Elsa's sort of looks cheap in person.

Our FP and plans were to head back to Future World. We stopped in front of my favorite Xmas tree for a few fun photos.

DH and I both had Soarin FP, so he went and I took DD to the Character Spot. She had a lot of energy this morning and was dancing and bopping around all of the characters. It was pretty quiet again back there so we had a lot of time for character interaction :)

DH was still not off Soarin, so we wandered to go see Joy and Baymax. DD has not seen Big Hero 6 or Inside Out, but she loved meeting these two! She had so much fun with Baymax that we went to see him twice because there was literally no line. The CMs thought she was the cutest, which she is, obv.

DH came back from Soarin and we headed to the Sea Pavilion. The sky was looking a little iffy so I made sure to put the plastic over the stroller before going inside. We walked around looking at the aquarium and did Turtle Talk. When we started walking outside we saw that it was POURING. We went back inside and wandered a bit, checked again, still POURING. We wanted to get out and get to our ADR at Le Cellier so we spent some good money on ponchos. I went to get the stroller and the cover hadn’t stayed down so the seat was wet. Blah. We had DD sit on her poncho and kept the cover down. The rain had let up some, thankfully.

As we walked to Canada, we realized DD probably would not like anything to eat in Le Cellier and we really wanted to actually sit and have a nice lunch. I sent DH into Sunshine Seasons to pick up a PBJ for DD. It ended up being really smart, she ate the entire thing and her carrots! I showed up 10 min early for our ADR and we still waited another 15 minutes after our time to be seated.

I was really looking forward to eating here, and I think we ordered wrong. DH and I both got the soup, which was AMAZING. We wanted to have poutine so we got the lobster poutine. It was good, but I feel like not the right combo. I love lobster, I love poutine, but together it wasn’t a great flavor mix. I also ordered a salad, which had too much dressing and should have sent back. It was nice to sit down for a meal and get away from the rain, but next time I’m going back just for steak and soup.