Free Dining for Sept - Dec 2019 !


prefers quisp over quake
A wole bunch of discounts came out as well. A general public up to 20% off and a very limited AP up to 30% discount as well.

The website and the phones are still all overwhelmed. People were on hold for hours and at least one was dropped. I couldn't get through for hours this morning.

The website kept showing availability then would say there was an issue and kick you back to the screen to check for availability. I dealt with this for an hour before I was able to finally get it to save a 20% off Boardwalk standard view room in my cart. It then took another 15 minutes or more before it would let me actually checkout.

I have a confirmation email but nothing showing up in MDE even yet. I'm hesitating to add it because I think I had an issue modifying one when I did that. I'll give it at least overnight to see if the system catches up.

Right now even still if you go to check for availability it will give you a countdown to get into the system and then when it hits 0 it kicks you back out to the main screen again.

I'd be a lot more frustrated if I didn't somehow find a way to get something booked.
Yes. I'm surprised it doesn't show you the options when you have a linked AP voucher, it has for me in the past.
I have a AP Voucher, it seems linked cause I can look at Fastpass availability, but I cant see any AP Discounts on rooms. I thought I was doing something wrong but maybe Im not the only one.
Thanks for the link Tricia! That's also my sister's full name :)
We booked for Wed Dec 11 - Sun Dec 15th, holding 2 packages to choose from right now, both for 4 ppl with hoppers & DDP:
AKL Savannah View 344sf $$5350
OKW 1BR 942sf $5100

These are also still in the system, but I can't get into my account to make any changes atm-
AKL Standard 344sf $4500
Gran Destino Deluxe Studio approx? 730sf (it has separate 1 BR, 1.5baths) $5600 - This one is actually Club Level, accessing the Chronos Lounge on the 15th floor. This is really a great deal for those wanting to try this awesome new resort.

We set our dates, still decidng resort package. Goodluck with all of yours.
Share price comparisons made for my family.
Wed Dec 11 to Sun Dec 15 - Includes Hotel/Food/HopperTickets* - 5d/4nt for 3 or 4 people:

We called & changed our AKL resv from Savannah $5350 to AKL Standard $4500, which saved $850.
Hard to justify $200/nt extra for morning coffee balcony view of animals, DVC can offer better value to do this.
We'll take this option if it's just the 3 of us. After removing 1 park ticket pckg, total is now $4000 ($1333pp x3 or $1125pp x4).

If my sis joins, then we'll go with OKW 1BR 942sf $5100 for 4 ppl 5d/4nt ($1275pp x4).

^AKL and OKW include the regular dining plan w/ 1 table service, 1 quick service and 2 snacks per person/nite.
The following includes the QS plan w/ 2 quick service meals and 2 snacks:

Gran Destino Deluxe Studio approx? 730sf (with separate BR, 1.5baths) $5600 and has Club Level access to the relaxing 15th floor Chronos Lounge w/ incredible views of flat Florida ($1400pp x4).
Interesting brand spanking new resort, spectacular! As a 'Moderate', reduces the DDP to QS but includes free food at Chronos which should be fantastic as Disney usually does for first impressions.
the free breakfast at Chronos- Looks great, gives me confidence the afternoon and dinner options will be quality too.

Plus CL is the only way to buy the Extra FP+ package for $50pp/day, cool option (package cost now $1650pp x4)-
3 extra FPs that do not need to be used in the same park as your initial 3 FPs
90 booking window for the 3 extra FPs
1 preferred viewing location for nighttime spectaculars per day.

*for complete cost, add roughly $500 per person ($300 airfare, $75 table service & asst tips, $125 pocket/souvenir/parking etc) and hope that you spend less and bring $$$ home

And that folks is how WDW turns your amazing $5k vaca into $8k+ aaaamazing :D lol