Friend staying with us at SSR - Best way to handle MDE and FP+?


I know that someone is going to know the best way to do this. My DD and I are going to Disney end of March/early April 2017 and staying for 10 days. Split stay between All Star Music and SSR. A friend of mine will be staying with me at SSR for 4 of those days. Our kids are all marching with their HS band at the Magic Kingdom. The kids are all staying at ASSports for the same 4 day period. I already have an MDE account which my daughter is on. My friend does not have an account, nor do her two kids. She knows nothing about the new FP+ system so would like me to set up all of the Fast passes . I understand her kids will set up their own account to get FP+. My daughter should just be able to go into my account to make hers correct? She will want to make the same fast passes as the group she is hanging out with. She used it earlier in April without any issues. Is it better for me to add my friend to my account or have her create her own and link them (if this is the best way how do I do it:RpS_biggrin:)? Thanks for your help. BTW - so excited just purchased our AP's this morning. First time ever!!! Woo Hoo!!!