Frontier Airlines and Kids Fly Free


Does anyone have any experience with the Kids Fly free program through the Discount Den? Frontier just came to the area and I have a 14 year old. Is there a catch? What am I missing?

I know Frontier Airline is a discount airline but we would be headed to WDW in the heat for a long weekend and we are minimalist packers anyway.

Do you have experience with Frontier?


My experience with Frontier is that by the time I pay all their extra fees I don't actually save much if anything. Two people flying for the price of one could be a decent savings, though, even with all the fees.

Art Vandelay

that's a shame
DW and I fly Frontier if it's a short trip (less clothing to pack so we share a suitcase) and we find a cheap flight. $29 or $39 x2 plus $30 for a bag is a good deal. It can be a savings over SWA, which is our preferred airline.