Galactic Starcruiser/Halcyon Hotel


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The best analogy I've heard is to think of it like a 3-day/2-night "cruise". It's pricey---$3ishK for a single, 7.5K for a family of five. That same family of five could do a 4-day/3-night cruise for less on DCL in a Concierge-level cabin.

If you have a bunch of Star Wars fans, I could see it. M is not, so if we are dropping that kind of coin it will be on something else. But, there are only 65-odd rooms so only about 12,000 groups a year need to be willing to pay up (and some families will probably opt for more than one room, so it is probably less than that). The Magic Kingdom sees more than that many groups in a single average day (57K people---if groups average three per, that's 19,000 groups). So, I suspect it will do well even though most people would never consider staying there.


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We are all big star wars fans, and it does look cool. But it seems too expensive for what you are getting. Maybe more details will come out that makes me think it is worth it, but as of right now I'm thinking not.


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I’m a big Star Wars fan. It looks cool, and I’d like to see it, but I wouldn’t want a two day experience .