Garden Grill - November 2015


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We had a reservation at 6:40PM.

We arrived after FastPass+ at Soarin. The timing worked great for a slot from 5:20-6:20PM even with rider swap. My dad even got in a ride on Living with the Land while he was waiting on us with my son the first time.

When we arrived there was quite the crowd around the podium and the seating area. It seemed that they were pretty backed up and behind schedule. At the podium I did request a booth so that we would get a view of the Land while seated. We were told this would add about 15mins to our wait. The hostess did note then that they were pretty behind schedule (I heard her tell another coworker that they were pretty understaffed that night). So we took a pager and sat. We ended up waiting about 30mins to be seated. Honestly by the looks of the crowd gathered I thought it would be worse. During that time I did stand at the podium to get a straw for my son (as of course he was all the sudden dying of thirst) and I could see our name at the top of the digital screen the hostess was using for a while. So we probably would have been sat a lot earlier without asking for the booth, but I am glad we did.

Once our pager went off we were led to our seats. A nice spacious area and comfortable to be able to sit in a booth. Once sat our drink order was quickly taken and then food started to arrive. After the wait this was much appreciated. Bread was brought out along with the salad. It was very fresh and tasty. As my dad had just been on Living with the Land he asked about the food coming from the gardens. He noted that the fish was not local anymore, it was imported. I forget where our server said it was from as I don't eat fish, so already forgot (great reporting there).

Shortly after the bread and salad the food arrived. Along with kids choices. I have to say everything I tried was great. I had the steak, turkey, stuffing, kids' sweet potato fries, mashed potatoes. There was sausage as well, but just didn't look too appealing to me to try.

Now shortly after beginning our meal my oldest son started complaining horribly about stomach pains. He did this our first day, but we thought it was a lot of just excitement. We had given him some medicine and 5 days in we hadn't gotten anymore complaints until this meal. It clearly wasn't from this meal he just wasn't feeling great so I took him to the bathroom. He said he was fine so we returned. Shortly after again he was complaining even more and worse. I told everyone I would just make my exit for the night. Though when we left the restaurant he wanted to just go in the bathroom. 40 mins later I returned with a much happier child.

Now I say this for a few reasons. I really missed most of the characters :RpS_sad: since of the meal I was in the bathroom. I did see Dale and he was quite fun plus saw them interacting with others and you could tell they were a lot of fun here playing around with guests. My youngest son was able to get some pictures in though.

Also, when you are sitting you can barely tell the restaurant is moving, but its quite entertaining to get up and down from the meal and have to search for the exit and your table as the location is constantly moving. One time I had to circle pretty much around the entire restaurant to find them right on the other side.

Third, our server was great. He said it was against their policy of course to take anything to go, but under the circumstances he packed up about two boxes of food for me and my son to have back at the room. It was really nice of him so I got to actually sit and eat later that night. He was very helpful with the situation too when my son wasn't feeling that great. This is one of the things I love about Disney trips they understand kids. Get situations like this and can be ever helpful to make you still have a good time.

I did make it back before the dessert was taken away. It was yummy, just would be even better if it was warmed with ice cream :RpS_smile: I did enjoy it though just the same.

Under the circumstances I would love to try this meal again.


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Sorry your son wasn't feeling well but that was nice of your server to accommodate you let you take some for to go.


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Thank you for the great review. May I ask how many adults/children fit at the booths?
In our booth we sat four adults and two young children. We sat comfortably, but wouldn't have had any additional room. I would imagine like Josh stated five would be maxing out adults. With a combination of adults and kids you could do six.


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I love GG! They were very accommodating to my radish allergy and fixed a new salad without them. It was also my DD's first ever interaction with Mickey, so it will always hold a special place in my heart.