GE virtual line


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Here now. Had something in the room yesterday when we got back saying that GE will have a virtual line. I assume that is similar to what Disneyland had. I didn’t really read it because we have no plans of being anywhere near studios for the rest of our trip.
The idea of what I did read is that you sign up and get a boarding number/group. You then wander the park and wait to be notified.

J&J's Dad

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Hey Mr Fred, how was your trip?? I think we hit a lot of the same parks as you on the same days. I can't believe how empty it was! I really felt the difference compared to last year. Epcot was DEAD. Although I still got screwed by test track. Got to the line and just as approaching, it closed for technical difficulties. Same happened last year. I guess it wasn't meant to be. I think Dorian scared some people off too.

Was it me or were the buses awful? At least the MK buses. But otherwise it was very much a great trip! Hope for you as well.
PS - we did not go to GE either. We kept our last full day (that Friday) open to maybe check out GE but with 300 min waits on Day 1, we decided to relax at YC's pool all day instead. When my kids are older and can appreciate it more, we'll go back.