Halloween Costumes


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Hi all!! Just wondering if people wear Halloween costumes in the parks not on Halloween? Not going to MNSSHP but grandson wants to wear his costume while we are there. We are going September 28-October 4th. I have never been at Halloween time so I wasn’t sure if he would stand out (he would not like that). His costume is a marshmallow dj from a video game.
Kids wear costumes in the park year round. If it's not an MNSSHP day, there may be a bit fewer, but this time of year there should be plenty of kids in costumes so he won't feel awkward. Do let him know that he may get extra attention from the CM's. They do like to play up with the kids in costume. The busses have canned announcements that the drivers love to play, too, when costumed kids get on. I have heard many 'Princess on board' announcements, and one ' Our boss, Mickey, is riding with us today!'.