Hate Orlando Water? Buy a LifeStraw


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I have a Brita pitcher with spare filters in my Owner's Locker because I really don't like the taste of "standard" Orlando water.

I'm prepping for a trip to Colorado, and plan to do some day hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. I have a 3L hydration pack, but on a test hike of a similar distance to some of the longer hikes I have planned, I came close to emptying it, and that wasn't at altitude. So, I figured I'd better have something I can use as backup, and bought a LifeStraw universal. It fits most bottles (including my wide-mouth hydroflask). The will filter parasites, bacteria, and (more importantly for Orlando) has a carbon filter that will remove most things that make the water taste "off."

They aren't cheap ($35 each) but you'll be able to use them for *years*. The parasite/bacteria filter is rated for 1,000 gallons. The carbon filter should be replaced every 25 gallons or so, but those are $10 for 2, so pretty cheap.

I'll still keep my pitcher (I'll want filtered water for my morning coffee) but I'll be traveling with this everywhere I go now. I'm also looking forward to just dipping my water bottle into a mountain stream and drinking in a few weeks!



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I don’t hate Orlando water enough for a $35 straw; I’m never too far from a QS place. But if I were hiking/cycling, I’d definitely consider. Thanks for the tip!


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This is great. I don't want my water to taste like anything. I'm really picky about it. May need to look into this!!


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I'm curious to know how you like the straw after multiple uses. DH got one for a trip to Brazil. He loved it, cleaned it and stored it when he got home. The next time he went to use it, it had a "film" or clog? He tried all the you tube video tips to clean it and nothing worked. So he bought another... loved it again... and then again it didn't work after it was stopped.

We don't know anyone else that has one so I'm curious if yours continues to work. It may be that we're storing too long without using, or possibly incorrectly?

But they are really neat and he still would buy another for a trip!