help me choose WDW moderate resort


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Less than year to go! I am really looking forward. Thank you all for your help


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CBR now became available. 17 nights cost at POFQ same as 18 at CBR. I am tempted to jump ship, I wonder if the gondolas will work well as transport?

Would you?


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I think I said this upthread, but I tend to pick Moderates based on theme, because I think they are otherwise more or less indistinguishable. And, for me, POFQ is the least interesting, thematically. I'm not entirely sure why, but I think that (again, for *me*) a sanitized, family-friendly version of NOLA just doesn't work. On the other hand, CBR is the one I haven't stayed at yet, so I'm no help there.


I have stayed at both, and although the Gondola may alleviate the bus issue at CBR, I would still go with POFQ, even at 1/17 greater cost. YMMV, but for us:
1. Boat to Disney Springs > Gondola to Epcot/Hollywood Studios
2. Access to Riverside pools > better main pool @ CBR
3. Compact POFQ for amenities > sprawl @ CBR


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I agree that it’s all about theme with the moderates. They seem so homogeneous to me, except FQ is smaller with no TS restaurant.

Just go what you like or what you’d rather pay for. To me, the pool and theme at CBR is way better than POR, but I can see why someone would think differently.