Help picking which days at which parks


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We have 6 day tickets non hoppers starting 8/3. We absolutely will go before rope drop, and since we are staying off site I only have a 30 day window for FPs. We are seasoned Disney travelers but haven’t been in 3+ years and things have changed a lot! I used to make my itinerary using the least crowded park charts in Tourguide Mike and more recently using Josh’s charts but I don’t think Josh is doing those anymore? Looks like things are a tad more complicated now with all the events and EMHs.

I have no idea where to start! We are a family of 6, my kids are all teenagers 15-19. Do I just pick non EMH days combined with the days that Josh and Dave say tend to be less busy in the Easy Guide? Or does someone still make a calendar with the best parks to visit each day?



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Your touring plan for a particular day is much more important than which day you go to a particular park. That said, there are still a few general rules to follow since you will not be eligible for EMH. In your case, avoid parks with a morning EMH. You will be behind the crowds everywhere except Frontierland/Adventureland at MK. Don’t worry about the paid Early Morning Magic events at MK and HS. They have very little, if any, impact if you choose to ropedrop on such a morning. Just about the only evening EMH are at EP on Tuesday and MK on Wednesday. It is probably best for you to avoid those. Otherwise, just have a solid plan for each day that includes rope drop and strategic FP scheduling. With a good plan for the day, you will be fine.


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You might consider picking up Josh's book which gives a lot more detailed information that you'll find in his online touring plans. You can also search through his blog for his posts discussing which days tend to have the shortest waits at each park. They are updated regularly.


Being the obsessive planner that I am, I have this fairly current list of EMH, least busy days, most busy days, EMM, and most importantly, Josh's picks:

Extra Magic Mornings:
Magic Kingdom - Friday
EPCOT -Thursday
Hollywood Studios - Sunday
Animal Kingdom - Monday & Saturday
Extra Magic Evenings:
Magic Kingdom - Wednesday
EPCOT - Tuesday
Least Busy Days:
Magic Kingdom - Sun, Wed, Tue
EPCOT - Fri, Thurs, Weds
Hollywood Studios - Wed, Tues, Sat
Animal Kingdom - Sun, Wed, Tue
Busiest Days:
Magic Kingdom - Sat
EPCOT - Sat, Tue, Thurs
Hollywood Studios - Fri, Sun
Animal Kingdom - Thurs, Fri, Sat
Mon and Wed
Josh's picks:
Sunday - Magic Kingdom
Monday - EPCOT
Tuesday - Animal Kingdom
Wednesday - Magic Kingdom
Thursday - EPCOT
Friday - Hollywood Studios