Help with hotel/ticket hack


Turning to the experts...

Long story short: We are hoping for a last minute getaway to Disney over the long Thanksgiving weekend. I just booked our hotel (Hilton Lake Buena Vista; has on-site benefits) with Chase points. I was hoping I could add theme park tickets to my account as a "package" and therefore refundable, but no luck. All theme park tickets purchased separately are non-refundable.

Problem is our son might need a tonsillectomy; we won't know for sure until our Oct 13th specialist appointment. We want to schedule it for this year (insurance deductible has been met) and want to leave all dates open. Or course if we wait until then, we'll miss our 60 day FP booking window.

So... is there a way to make this work? Here's what I was thinking:
-Keep my Hilton Reservation through Chase, but unlink it from my MDE account.
-Book a hotel/ticket package through Disney; I believe I have until 30 days out to cancel without penalty, no?
-If our dates are open after seeing the doctor, cancel the hotel portion of our package, keep the tickets, and link those to our Chase hotel reservation, keeping our FP bookings.

Is that possible?


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Yeah, you can cancel a package at 30 days, but you can change your ticket dates if you decide to keep your other reservation and buy tickets. So if you end up needing to cancel you could change the dates on your tickets and do a long weekend some other time, like over Christmas break.


I figured it out... the trick is purchasing tickets with Undercover Tourist. If you chose the physical tickets that are mailed to you, it's possible to to get a refund within 90 days of purchase, minus a 5% fee. Before they ship them you can request a scanned copy to use the ticket numbers to link to your MDE account.

Now for flights. I have a return flight booked with Southwest on points, so that's easily refundable. Now I just have to hope there's still some decent flight options in a couple weeks for the outbound, as Southwest's schedule isn't so hot.