Help with park days thanksgiving week


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I’ve been gone awhile and am helping my brother with November 23-30th trip. I can’t make this years trip and I can’t seem to locate the crowd calendar to help pick what parks are best to visit on each day.

He usually will just go and do what I have planned. Family of five with two college aged kids and one in high school. They have been several times over the last 20 years, but not without me and my family :(
They need help.

Mid morning arrival on Saturday 11/23.
Late afternoon departure Saturday 11/30.

They are staying at boardwalk and will spend four days at the Disney parks. The will have one day per park Disney tickets.

They also are planning on hitting universal three days and have hoppers there. I’ve never done universal. They haven’t either. Yikes.

So with four days at Disney and three at universal during busy thanksgiving week, what days will they have the best luck to hit each park?

Thank you.


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Is Josh no longer doing a free crowd calendar to help choose what parks to visit?
Is it in his guide on Amazon?


Josh doesn't think the calendars are worth doing because Disney now much more often makes late changes to parks hours and entertainment options, which can affect crowds. Here's Josh's most recent post on days of the week, but the upshot is it probably doesn't matter much and I have no idea how Thanksgiving week would affect it.

Note also that this family couldn't be doing Disney on both Saturdays since their tickets would only be good for 7 days.


Are they staying at Boardwalk the entire time, including the Universal days? Whether or not they have Express Pass for Universal makes a big difference in touring there. If they don't have Express Pass, they will probably want to hit Universal on the least-busy days, because for Disney at least they'll have three FP and EMH, to the extent that's helpful. Even if they are staying at Disney the whole time, they might want to consider one night at the Royal Pacific to get two days of EP for Universal, which would make Universal on the busiest days much more manageable.


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Wonderful, Thank you. They are staying at boardwalk for the entire stay. I will pass this great info along. I really appreciate it!