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First, anyone know when I can book my reservation for 2017? Preferably March/April? And second, which resort is best for family of 6 and 4? I havent been since the AoA has opened and I understand it has suites. What about AKL or any other resorts? Would they accommodate 6? Also, where can I find room prices? On Disney's site, I cannot access prices b/c they are not booking for 2017 yet. Thank you in advance for helping this newbie!

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You can call on the phone and make a reservation today.
You can't lock in the rates until they are released which is probably 4-6 weeks away. Which is why you can't find rates yet, they aren't out

You can go in and pretend to book a room for your party size now and it will let you know what resorts fit your group


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Some places i know of that will fit families of 6 are ASMusic family suites and the cabins at FW.


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suites at AoA would sleep 6 .... Queen bed , double Murphy bed, and double sofa sleeper. AND they have two full bathrooms!


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Hey bamagirl! Welcome back. :RpS_smile:

It may depend on the exact makeup of the 6 (# of adults, age of kids) but you could also consider doing 2 rooms anywhere and then request connecting rooms. (not a guarantee though, in most cases)

If you did go the DVC route that was mentioned above, it would take a 2BR to sleep 6, which is roughly the size of three normal rooms.

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Are y'all driving? Have you considered an offsite house or condo? There are fantastic deals out there. When traveling with other families, we've done the offsite route and the adjoining rooms route. The latte was fine for a short trip that was go go go. We had a smaller group (7) and had adjoining rooms at Pop.