Hollywood Studios Indigenous Peoples Day


We're 45 minutes north of Orlando for our fall break, and the kids (16 & 14) and I are planning one park day at DHS.

We could make our park day Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Disney has tickets priced a tad higher on Saturday. Often for fall break the crowd builds because of schools out the full week. But I checked a few districts, and I don't see districts that are likely heavy Disney this fall with the week off. (Atlanta & Orlando are out Sat-Tues, and there's no break for Tampa, Miami or Broward.) I've got a reservation search for all three days for Oga's, so if that comes through that might be the deciding factor.

We like the park at closing time, so if one person can still go get RoTR groups without everyone going through the turnstiles I think I'll do that at 10 am. If I'm feeling ambitious I might arrive at 8:45 am and RD M+MRR at opening. If my 16 year old wakes up ambitious, we'll RD ToT then RNRC. I think getting through the turnstiles right before 10 am might be okay for those two rides?

Otherwise, I'm thinking we'll come as close to noon as our RotR group permits. Spend 3-4 hours in Galaxys Edge for RotR, lunch, Droid Depot, shopping, ST, SR, roughly in that order. Then we'll be at Aliens, TSMM & SDD, getting snacks at some point, and saving SDD to closing because the sun sets at 7 pm. If we have extra time and the 16 year old didn't get up early we might ride ToT and RnRC, but not essential.


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everyone who wants to ride ROTR has to be inside the park - they won't even show up as an option if they haven't tapped a turnstile

and as far as closing the parks - they're closing at 7pm now I think so getting there before 10am shouldn't be too much of an issue

ETA I'd chose Monday for a better shot at ROTR