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I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction....I will be coming to the area in July for a work conference. My daughter is coming with me and really wants to go to see Harry Potter..I know not disney!! I am flying in a couple days early and plan to take her to Universal..we are also purchasing a Disney five day ticket to go to the parks in the evenings..quite expensive but we don't get to Florida here's my question...I need a hotel location that I can either take a shuttle or Taxi to Disney on Thursday for a half day after our plan lands and the next day get to Universal the same way..I then need to take a taxi Friday night to get to the hotel where I am staying for a week in the DTD area..any thoughts? My hotel in DTD has a shuttle to the parks so we will be set for that. Thanks for any help.


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Whenever I've stayed off-site, I've had a car. I can't help you with the transportation issues you've got, but I can direct you to the resource I'd use to find an off-site hotel . . . has a list of preferred hotels and other non-Disney hotels and information about them. That's where I would start.


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Getting to Universal is a hassle without a car. Have you considered a rental car? Mousesavers at the link above would have some discount codes on those too. It would probably be cheaper than those taxi rides.


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I'm not an expert on Disney vacation packages, but I would go with a Disney World Value resort for that day and purchase the tickets along with it so you can get Magical Express for free to drive you to the resort. You could then use Mears transportation to take you to Universal Studios. I think it's $18 round trip. Their website leaves something to be desired though, so you may need to call for details or chat with a representative online. You could then take Mears back from Universal to your Disney resort, pick up your bags, and transfer to Downtown Disney via taxi or Disney buses. I think that would be the cheapest and easiest way to go, but others might know better.


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I found out about this service too late for my own 2-park 1-day ticket for Universal Studios Orlando, but a local friend gave me this website:

You use their link (near the top of the webpage) to get the roundtrip transportation AND park tickets in advance. I had already bought my one-day 2-park ticket (and did IOA first thing so I could do WWoHP with short lines) online from Universal directly and I wound up just getting a taxi from All Star Movies Resort because the buses from there to DTD don't start early enough (not for if you want to get to US/IOA at opening time or earlier). Here is the text from the website I linked above:
You receive a 1-Day/2-Park experience with transportation to Universal Orlando from your Disney Area Hotel.

* Includes roundtrip transfers to Universal Orlando Resort from Disney Area Hotels, including the Official Disney World Resort Hotels.
* One (1) day admission to Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure
* This special offer is only available for advance purchase!

Transfers provided by Mears Transportation

Transfer Schedule:

To Universal Orlando Resort: This service is available 24-hours a day except between the hours of 10:00am and 3:00pm. Pick-up time will be determined by calling Mears Transportation at least 24-hours in advance to arrange your pick-up time from the hotel.

From Universal Orlando Resort: Pick-up time with Mears can be arranged when making your initial reservation or by calling Mears from the parks a minimum of 90 minutes prior to your desired pick-up time.

Length of Transfer: Varies by hotel; however approximately 30 minutes each way.

Documentation Instructions: You will receive an Electronic transfer coupon with this purchase. You must present a valid photo ID with your transfer coupon at the time of pick-up from your hotel.

Additional Information: Valid hotels for this shuttle are located in the Lake Buena Vista, Walt Disney World and Hwy. 192W area.


* Your ticket may not be copied, transferred, or resold
* Tickets are non-refundable

Electronic Pickup Option

This provides a fast and secure way to collect your online ticket purchase. Electronic Ticketing Machines are conveniently located near the front gate of each theme park. Swipe the credit card used during your online purchase (for verification only). Enter the confirmation number provided on your email receipt. Print out your tickets. Tickets can also be picked up at Guest Services, but only by the person who's name the tickets are under. $1.99 per ticket processing fee.


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My hotel in DTD has a shuttle to the parks so we will be set for that. Thanks for any help.

Most of the off site hotel shuttle services leave a lot to be desired and I mean a lot!
Their schedules are sporadic and unreliable. If you are only going in to parks in the pm it seems like your time will be limited and waiting around at an offsite hotel for a shuttle that may never come will really cut into any Disney park time you do have.

Since it looks like you will be spending $$ for cabs here and there I would strongly advise you to consider a car rental- I think in the end it may actually be less expensive (or at least not much more) than all the other various tranports you'll need.

We often (actually usually) stay offsite and never ever do it without a rental car. We even get a rental car if we are onsite!

Check mousesavers and links that Brandie posted- you might be pleasantly surprised to find the cost of rental is very affordable and driving around the area is easy enough.

Here's another

Also for offsite hotel deals- sign up for allears newsletter- they send out an "Ears the Deal" weekly email


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Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Just a couple more questions...does anyone know the reliability of the buses for the DTD hotels? It states on the hotel website that they run every 30 minutes and service 3 hotels..that didn't sound too bad to me. I will probably stay at Holiday Inn in DTD, a bit cheaper than the Hilton my agency is putting me for the rest of the days. I believe I will take the Mears shuttle to Universal for the day on Friday..I like the dreams unlimited option but I plan to purchase my tickets for Universal with my Chase far as renting a car, I get some reimbursement for the taxi for the taxi from the airport to DTD and back but if I rent a car I will be responsible for everything so a taxi although more expensive will be better for me..I am still wondering if I should look into the hotels right outside DTD, if they are a cheaper option for just one night..


The trade off in that cheaper price outside DTD will be more sporadic shuttle service. At least at a DTD resort, they stand a chance of being better and you can walk over to DTD itself and catch buses to resorts if you need to (not to the parks though). If it's really every 30 minutes at the true DTD resorts, that might not be too bad. I have no personal experience though.


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We have stayed at a couple real off site (non DTD) We tend to get to Orlando in the evening before our actual trip starts and spend a night somewhere cheap so we can get an extra full day. We have stayed at the Marriot Village, the Hyatt Grande Cypress (both the hotel and the Villas) The residence Inn Sea World, and a couple of other places. i actually really like the Hyatt and have gotten some really phenonminal rates there (100 dollars a night for their 1 bedroom which includes a full living room, kitchen and dinning room). But that is not DTD. I have done the transportation from there and it was good, and their pool is the best I have seen! Hope that Helps! Kate