How Close To Your Next Trip Are You?


I do a target budget for everything every year. Which sweetie (the wife) then ignores.

One of the line items in the budget is "Vacations" which includes a Disney trip when applicable. So, I don't technically save for a Disney trip, but I allocate a huge amount of money in the budget towards vacations generally.

Next trip is probably April 2020.
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I don't think that I quite have the words to tell you how fortunate you are. We always tried to get my folks to go to WDW with us and our kids. But it never worked out and now they're gone. I'm happy for you that you've had 2 amazing trips with your parents and hopefully you'll go back to WDW and have wonderful memories of them, even if they are bittersweet.
I’m so sorry that you never had that opportunity. I hope you have plenty of other memories with them.
It seems like whatever we accomplish it is never enough time with the loved ones we have lost.
I appreciate my parents and any time I have left with them. Even if that means no WDW for a while.


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When I reflect on departed loved ones, I don’t think of the things we didn’t get to do.


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2 whole years - August 2020. My goal is to save enough to be able to afford a monorail resort. We just got back from a Universal only trip. It was a great time but we stopped at Poly for the Ohana breakfast on the way home because we were having withdrawal.


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We are at 101 days. I told myself I wouldn't start really planning this trip (other then the dining I already set up) until after our beach trip last week. The night before we were to leave the beach I found great prices on airline tickets so away I go on being swept up in planning this upcoming trip.

All this talk of parents, mine are coming with us again with us this trip. They came in 2014 and 2015, but took a break the last two years. My brother and his wife with their two daughters are coming along as well hence why my parents are coming again. For their first trip. While all the family can make planning and sometimes things in the park more of a challenge. It is nice to have those memories with them. (I keep telling myself this after our FANTASTIC trip of just us 4 last year.) Hence a reason I got the plane tickets. The last two years we have rented a van and driven down. We've come to like that, but I didn't want my parents to have to drive. They are getting older and I know flying will be much nicer for them.

Now as for the trip. I would not charge a vacation! Save up. Even if you can't go on a large trip every year somewhere save for that larger one while taking a small trip somewhere. Personally I can never not go on a vacation every year. I need the break from my normal day to day. We set aside money each year for travel and decide where to go. Large or small. Growing up we didn't have a lot, but every year my parents took us camping for a week. Those are still great memories.


181 days.

We have taken my mom on 3 trips now but honestly, I don't really think she likes it. She doesn't complain but I don't see her joy being in the happiest place on Earth either. She is much more content with a multi generational "girls" trip like our trip to Newport last week. I know all the walking bothers her foot and she HATES using scooters. I'm resigned to the notion that Disney is my (nuclear) family's "thing". We all have very separate interests but our love for Disney is united.

I find the benefit of all the Disney planning is that I unintentionally space out my expenses. I buy flights as soon as Southwest opens the flights. This year we are renting points so that is paid for. I'll buy the tickets closer to the 60 day mark unless there are rumors of price increases. Since we generally visit in Feb. I can give upgrades (like Dessert parties), travel necessities, etc for Christmas gifts. Its amazing how everything in our stockings are always under 100 ml. :) By the time we get to Disney, all I have to pay for is food and souvenirs. The other benefit of this method is I don't have to over analyze my purchases. If someone wants to spend $25 for a cro-donut and to be first in line for 7 Dwarfs, I say "'Sure!" and think about all the points my Disney visa is accumulating....


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Well it looks like we have rearranged our trip itinerary. DD has bowed out of the long trip due to not wanting to walk around the parks for 5 or 6 days. Setting at 33.57 funded right now.

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187 days out!

We plan for every 5 years and save up so that it's all paid for (barring souvenirs) in advance. I was using the Disney Savings Account, but since that ended, I buy gift cards on bi-weekly paydays and save those.


Well it looks like we have rearranged our trip itinerary. DD has bowed out of the long trip due to not wanting to walk around the parks for 5 or 6 days. Setting at 33.57 funded right now
I misinterpreted the 33.57 and thought you meant $. But I went back to your original post and realized it is %. Phew!
30 days from today.

It will be a Mom and Daughter trip, doing it on her fall break. I pay for it all up front too, but by buying GC (Sams/ Bj's) using my CC with points. Gets us free hotel stays else where so we take mini vacations on long weekends.

First time at the F & W festival so we are excited about that, plus my DD's favorite Disney movie is Toy Story.


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We seem to be in the (lucky) minority, because we just charge everything (points!) and paying off the credit card each month. We've never had to worry about budget or availability of funds.

The only financial dealing we do is if we sell our DVC points to fund an occasional stay at The Four Seasons. Usually the points sold for a DVC Studio nets us enough to cover a discounted Four Seasons stay, which should give you an idea of the premium that Disney charges for the privilege to be in The Bubble.
Just curious. Where do you find the best discounts for the Four Seasons?


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Just curious. Where do you find the best discounts for the Four Seasons?
They sometimes run every third night free promos, so when they do I jump on them. They’ve even stacked discounted room rates with that promo. One trip we paid an average of $275/night, not bad for a Four Seasons resort.


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Thanks. Is that just on their website or how do you find them? I've thought about staying there.


7 days to Disneyland!!!! So giddy!!! We have been measuring my son every other day to see if he meets the 40” requirement for Racers... 39.5” with shoes. :RpS_blink: How strict are they?!?!