How does EMM affect RD at HS?


DH and I are planning an anniversary trip to be in the parks on the following dates: 10/20-10/22. That gives us 3 days for the four parks. The current plan is MK on Sat, AK on Sun, RD HS Mon and then hop to EP for F&W for the rest of the day. We will RD all of our days and might also decide to finish the first two evenings in different parks, we will play that by ear.

My concern is rope dropping HS now that they have added the Early Morning Magic event on Monday. Will we still be able to RD SDD, ASS, and then use FP for TSMM, TOT, RNRC and then get out of there fairly quickly? Any other suggestions for a different itinerary? I know Sun is a party day at MK but we are offsite and so haven't booked FP yet and I know we will need to RD FOP so that's why we chose AK on Sun. Willing to listen to other ideas, though. Thanks!