How to know when FP are added


When HS changes park hours from a 9:00 opening to 8:00 opening, how long does it take for Disney to add FP options in the 8:00 hour? And other than frequent checking, is there a better way to know WHEN they add those FP? We are offsite so this is our only opportunity to try to snag a FP for one of the big three ride in HS.

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There is no way to know and no consistent time frame
You have to keep checking
They will add the boxes for the hours before they actually populate them with times.
I've seen anywhere from several hours later on the same day to 3 days later.


Thanks. Last night we got a SD for one of our park days! It didn't appear as if MFSR or MMRR had been added yet. Still keeping an eye out for later in the week.