How (Un)comfortable are the fold out sofas?


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I'm going on a trip to BLT in Sept. We have a 2 bedroom and there are 6 of us. All adult women leaving the families behind! I have a strong feeling I'll be either on the fold out sofa or the fold out chair in the living room. Will I suffer? I'm hoping since it's WDW they won't be so bad. Someone ease my mind! I have visions of that Seinfeld episode where Elaine had to go on painkillers after sleeping on one.


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I have slept on a few personally (VGF, PVB and AKV) and they were not all the same. So... it doesn't help your specific of BLT, but hopefully it helps to know that some of them were decent. Even the one I remember being the worst of the group (AKV) was still not too bad, and I slept well enough after a long day in the parks.


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I've slept on the BLT pull out sofa. It was fine. It didn't keep me awake and no pain in the am . It was 10 times better than those I've slept on in non-Disney hotels. The one at VGF was better-that one was almost as good as a regular bed.

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I slept on a BLT pull out for a week, and it felt fine. It is not like the Seinfeld pull out at all, it's a different design. Essentially, it felt like a regular bed to me. On a different trip, my nephew slept on the chair and it was large enough for him (I didn't ask if it was comfortable).


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I miss the old pullout sofa beds at OKW. They were the most comfortable sofa-bed I had ever slept on. The new ones are not as comfortable.